Seat belt retractor, can they be changed from left to right? (1 Viewer)

Jun 24, 2005
Omaha, Nebraska
Can the front seat belt retractors be swapped from driver to passenger side? The driver side on mine is shot and I rarely have passengers, so I thought I might swap them if possible until I find a replacement.

Thanks, Hodag
Aug 15, 2005
I had the same problem on my 96 Toyota Camry. My drivers side was stuck on fat man, and it was really drivin me nuts. So I took it out to try and fix it, but made it worse. So I threw away the bad one, and moved the passenger side to the drivers side. Worked great, almost. For me, the seatbelt was ALWAYS locked or whatever. I could put it on, but had no movement, so I was "trapped" or whatever, ya know? Like you're hitting the brakes and it stops allowing it to come out, but, it was always like that. Drove me nuts!! I think it was because it was being pulled out the opposite direction than designed. I bought a used driver, swapped it back in and now I'm happy again.

So...that was from a 96 camry mind you, but, same surgery as you're attempting.

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