searching for 11mm knuckle studs

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Mar 24, 2008
I've looked through the FAQ's and archives and all I seem to find is larger 12mm studs. I've got a 78 '40 and want to replace the 8 upper studs and cone washers. The PO cranked them down over 100 ft lbs and they're toast. Marlin and others show the larger ones - where do you find the 11mm's? (besides the junk pile).
I might have a handfull. How many do you need?
Probably eight at the most. I've only gotten one side off and I suspect that the other side might be in same shape. The top side is the worst, thanks to the previous owner. I don't think they've been taken off in 30 years. The cone washers were stuck badly. Even after soaking in pb blaster and beating them with a brass drift/hammer the studs loosened instead of the cones. But I got them out. threads don't look so hot. Any you have will help.

These are available new from Toyota. If you get in a bind, I have 4 I will send you from when I had a 76.
i have extras too if needed, just PM

and i may PM you about your TPI set up if thats OK ?
I've still got my old drum knuckles from before I went to the mini-truck stuff, are those the same studs? Don't make me go out and measure for you....
You can have them (the studs) but you gotta take the knuckles too.

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