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Mar 15, 2005
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I'm getting ready to do the water pump, thermostat, fan clutch system and have a question about using permatex and/or gaskets. Last time I did this (ca 3 years agone) I used Hi-tack on the paper gaskets and it has leaked a little, now alot ever since. What are the opinions on using some sort of sealant? With or without the paper gaskets? What sealant is best for this application?

Anyone know the answer to his question? I'm kinda of curious myself since I just removed the waterpump and will slap it back on this Saturday.
I used Gray Permatex, with gasket. Good so far. It's made for High-vibration applications. Just follow the directions and it's great stuff.
I rebuilt my engine and drvie train over a year ago and tried to use what the FSM called out for each applicartion. But those sealants are almost impossible to find here. Anyways after a year I have no leaks, not one drop... and one of my thermostat bolts is buggered up.

I used permatex ultra blue on the thermostat and water pump. The trick is not to over do it. Just a thin even continuous coat. I would say bead but not as thick as a bead with a high center... way less than a 1/16". Lose the pointy tip unless you have a very narrow band to cover, which you don't in this case.

Just pucture the foil and smear it on thinly directly from the tube to the surface. The tube almost acts like a squeegy.

In general match the viscousity (and indirectly thickness of the bead) of the sealant to the gasket. BTW I use spray-on (like copper) for very thin gaskets like on the TC case.

It worked for me,

It has been 13 years since I replaced a 2F water pump, but I recall that about half way into it, I realized that I did not have a gasket. Duh. I used some type of silicone sealant with no gasket at all and it never leaked.
I use two products only.
Hylomar for things that I want to take apart easily.
"Right Stuff" silicone for stuff that I hope to not have to mess with for another 100,000 miles.
I used the paper gaskets and ultra blue permatex on thermostat housing and water pump. Let it cure overnight then filled with coolant. All good.
The "Right Stuff" here, too. That stuff will even seal an oil pan gasket used. Put it in your trail bag for field fixes.
I did a some reading on this before I replaced my water pump and fan clutch. There are of course different opinions, but several folks said no sealant, just the OEM gaskets.

I made sure every last bit of old gasket material was scraped off, cleaned it with acetone, and used the gaskets with no sealant.

Not a drop has leaked in several thousand miles.

I did the same thing when I did the thermostat, at least 8000 miles ago. Cleaned it very well, new OEM paper gasket and O ring, new housing bolts tightened snug but not overtight, and no leaks.

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