SD33T swap. Has anyone done it?

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Feb 2, 2015
Hey everyone! Thanks for the add. Im new here and having a couple questions about the SD33T and its viability in an FJ40. Has anyone done it? What kind of adaptor plate/other equipment is required? And lastly how do you transform a system from 12 to 24volts? I know there are plenty of opinions out there and I would like to here from someone that has either tried the swap or accomplished it. I have one and its actually in great shape, many thanks in advance.
I have done it many years ago but I used the entire drivetrain from a 88 Nissan Patrol,this gave me the advantage to upgrade to a 6 cil turbo with a 5 speed and ps,front discs, all at once for what was back then the price of a good used 3B motor.This was pre digital times so alas I have no more pics of that rig.The SD33T is a very reliable engine though.

The SD33's in latin America where 12V so you can always score a starter motor there but my big reason for this swap was price,once you start ordering adapters and other new parts I would just either put a Toyota diesel in it or the V8 route if you are just looking for more power.

The SD33 around my neck of the woods, west coast USA, is a very scarce commodity and very little seems to be known about it. It was used for a few years in the IH Scout in the early eighties, and I think also in Dodge pickups in the early eighties. It never seemed to become very popular. Just a couple/three months ago someone close by me had one, with a Dodge auto transmission on it, for sale on Craigslist. I tried looking up info on it on the net but couldn't come up with very much, other than it seemed to have good reports about being reliable. I didn't go any farther because I was concerned about easily finding parts for it that would allow it to mount to my cruiser.

I was hoping to find more detailed info about it. It seems to me I remember it having an SAE #4 bell housing pattern, and maybe the IH Scout bell housing would fit a Ford pickup transmission, but I could never seem to get confirmation on that.

That being said, I did find an SD22, with 5 speed transmission, out of a 1982 Nissan pickup. I have a 1973 Datsun pickup setting out here with a bad motor. After looking things over carefully the SD22 looks to be an almost drop in, so I went ahead and got the motor and transmission. The SD22 is a four cylinder version of the SD33, though there are some variables for both motors. Both in-line IP and rotary IP were available for them. The rotary IP apparently was more commonly used in Australia, and the in-line IP here in the USA.

Since yours is the SD33T I'm assuming it came stock with a turbo. Does yours have the in-line or rotary IP? If it has a turbo could you post some pics of how the turbo is mounted? Do you know what bell housing mount the back of the motor has, maybe SAE #4? I could have more questions for you, but that may not help answer any of your questions.

I have an takeuchi tb68 excavator with a sd33 in it . I believe it has the inline pump . What other info are you looking for ? mine is 12v .
I drove a Nissan 720 pickup with the sd22 for years. It never let me down, got great mpg, had decent power and smoked much less then rhe Toyota L series pickups. The truck was plagued with wiring gremlins which seems typical for early nissans in my experience and that was its eventual fate. Engine then went on for use as a generator

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