Screw on air chuck?

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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
I'd like to modify my ARB tire inflator with a longer hose.
And while I'm doing that, I'd like to toss the finicky clamp on end with a screw on type. Anyone know of anything decent?
It would also be handy to have some kind of adjustable PSI cut-off, but perhaps with a longer hose this might not be as needed. My knees just can't handle that 3 minute or so crouch per tire if the stem is on the bottom.
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FYI: The linked tire air chucks work great on rubber or metal valve stems that do not have the extra slide-on decorative sleeve. If your stems have this sleeve just use pliers to remove them...otherwise they may interfere by not allowing the air chuck to fully seat on the stem.
Here's one I made :)





With the valve closed, left gauge reads tire pressure and right gauge reads source pressure

Open it up and they equalize

And the larger screw on chuck is easier on the fingertips than the dually extensions on my old setup :cool:
@98 SNAKE EATER where did you get that screw on air chuck. I am looking for something like that

Thanks !
what do they call them ? I can't find the little gizmo on eBay


Thanks ! I got the ViAir hoses.

I have most of it figured out, but how do you connect the ViAir hose to the valve ? I found the tank adapter that will go from 1/4NPT to the Schrader male. The adapter I can't find is the Schrader coupler

Thanks again ! what you did is exactly the idea I had on my head.
Head over to HF and pickup this 5 piece inflator kit

Inflator Kit 5 Pc

The thumb screw adapter on the rop right is 1/4NPT and threaded for a standard Schrader

what a find !!!!! I almost lost my sleep last night LOL

Again, Thank you so much for all the info !
Anyone have a solution to hook this stuff up to the typical gas station ball-foot Chuck? Where we wheel theres a gas station on both ends of the forest. I've been wanting something that would hold the ball-foot to the end of my set up, rather than holding it onto all four tires.


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