Scout pwr steering-fj40?

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Apr 20, 2003
I'm in the process of doing a power steering conversion on my 73 fj40 and have a question? What year of chevy did Jim Vandeven get his steering shaft out of. All of the ones I've come across at the boneyard have a square shaft on them, not a round one. And is there any other tricks I need to know to perform this conversion on my 73. And I'm also doing a soa at the same time, I know lucky me. I'll try to take some pics's and keep you guys posted. Thanks
You may just have to spend some quality junkyard time looking for a doner...the shaft I ran prior to switching to all Flaming River stuff was from an unknown vehicle....had to drill the nylon pins out tho and make it somewhat longer. Just locate a DD-type slip shaft ...and yes, 1/2 will be round with a flattened DD portion where it slips into a solid DD portion.

Geeezzz...that's confusing....some junkyard shopping outta make it clearer.

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