School me on late model 4X firewall grommet

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Jan 23, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Hi Guys,

I have searched and searched with little to no succes in quest for this late model wiring harness grommet. Two of this oval shape rubber grommets can be found on the firewall. I think this is not a separate but integral part of the wiring looms.
Mine were completly broken and I'm not sure what to use replacing them.
I have a 1984 swb LX and a 1983 lwb troopy, both 2F and using the same oval grommet.
Please advise if you know any availability or aftermarket supplier.
Stay Safe,
I have not seen decent, pliable grommets for this, but you could troll the junkyards and see what you can scrounge. US-domestic stuff often have large, squishy grommets that can be trimmed and made to work - not sure what you can find down under. You'll have to slit the grommet and work it over the wiring bundle - not very elegant, but you can hide the slit on the bottom side. Just an idea.
He's talking about these. No eBay kit is going to have it.


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