School me on drive trains

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Nov 4, 2008
Federal Way, WA

I am set on getting an automatic tranny in my 40. Originally I was planning a 350 SBC, 700R4 (already have it), and a Dana 300. All this was planned before I even bought my 40. However I have begun to like and respect the F engine I have. I still want an auto tranny, however.

So I would like some suggestions. Is there a way to do this? Like the drive train out of an Fj60 or 62? I know I have to push the rear axle back...

There are adapters at Advance Adapters for using various tranny and engine combos. Many might disagree with me but I wouldn't rebuild the "F" engine. I did that in my first Landcruiser and not only was it expensive (I did all the building and bought parts at whole sale) but it's a dog as far as power goes. I am building a 292 Chevy straight 6 for more torque and power and still retain a straight 6. I imagine the Ford 300 straight 6 would be a great choice too. Of course you could stay with a small block Chevy like the majority of the conversions go.
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I had an F engine that died on me, and I found it was actually cheaper to buy a good 2F core and rebuild it. Then you have the added advantage of it being a drop-in replacement to your original engine, is uses all the same ancillary equipment, and parts are plentiful and relatively easy to come by. The low-end torque on the 2F throws my FJ40 around just fine.

Plus installing a SBC can run an easy ~$10k. Makes a $1500 rebuild seem cheap ;)

That being said, if I were to do it again right now, I'd go diesel....
i have rebuilt 5 ...

f engines. Three foom the ground up. I like the torque that the f engine produces. something like a desiel and it's power factor. I drive like a rabbit at times and it serves that well, but when the chips are all on the table, that f engine is my bread and butter.

all that sweet stuff behind. the main problem i have is with the lubrication in the lower part of the engine. this summer i have the Nachese run, and if the bearings go out again, then i have a 3fe out of an 82 pickled and ready to go in. i will say good bye to my old man's heart, and give him a new ticker.

ok, tears. but those things you mention are why we hold those engines so dear to our hearts.

blessings on your choice, if your not doing real tough off road stuff at high angles, then i'd say your good to go with the f engine and even if you add auto tranny...that may be all the better.

so many choices and so little $$$$ to make all the changes.:):clap:
Thank you guys for your thoughts on the F engines.

So how about transmission and transfer case ideas. That was my intent on this post, I may not have said it well.

What options are there for an auto behind an F or 2F motor? I want strength, good crawling, and to be able to drive at 70 to and from wheeling sites. This is not a daily driver.

Could I take the engine, tranny, and T-case from an Auto FJ60 and drop them in? Are they strong enough? Am I better off going SBC and 700R4 mating to a split LC tcase?

Ideas and suggestions?

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