School me on 62's & 80's

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Jul 9, 2004
Montgomery Co. TEXAS
Okay, Debi's getting tired of driving the 1 ton so we've decided to start looking at wagons. I looked a '93 FzJ80 in town today. 181k, locked leather, 3rd row, rusted out lift gate (just below the glass) and lots of scuffs and scrapes for $8995 :eek: . Obviously seemed a bit high for me.

Here's what I think I know; 62's and the 80's have the drivetrain til '93 when the FzJ80 came out with the 4.5L? (and that's really about it :eek: )

What should I be looking for as far as rust areas, drivetrain issues, factory lockers, etc.
check out the newb section at slee's sight. Tons of useful info. The search button works really well.

I must have read about 40 hours of mud before I bought mine. It was well worth it.
Here is the Newbie guide from Slee

Drivetrain: Birfs wearing sooner on 80's due to constant use. "Clunk" in the drivetrain is fairly common. Trannys are different 93-94 than 95+ Some prefer the earlier "bus" transmisson for perceived stoutness. I think there were some '93's that didn't come with FF rear axles/rear disc brakes.

'93 uses R12 refridgerant as do some '94's it was a change over year. Freon is way more expensive these days compared to the R-134 systems if you happen to need to recharge the system.

If you happen to be looking out of state search for the locker code on the door stamp. I think it's K92 or 94, but check to be sure.
Slee's info is very good. Here's a few other things to look for....

Remove the radiator cap and look for any sign of a grayish gunk on the bottom of the cap or on the top of the radiatior core. Also, check for leaks where the plastic top mates with the metal core.

Rear main oil leaks- Check around the bell housing. Leak can be caused by rear pan arch seal or rear main seal. Neither one is expensive, but are labor intensive.

T-case leaks - occurs at the rear output shaft. Usually due to overgreasing of rear driveshaft. Can be as simple as a rear seal, but in a few cases there were cracks in the flange.

Mismatched tires - especially front to rear. Can cause overheating and premature failure of viscous coupling in t-case.

93-94s are OBDI compliant. 95s are *mostly* compliant. 96up are fully compliant. With OBDII systems, using a scan tool, you can monitor various engine parameters (engine temp, timing advance, intake air temp, etc). Very useful in diagnosing problems.
Good info guys, that helps a bunch!!!!! She's set on an automatic tranny and wants the 3rd row seats, so I guess we're set on an 80 now.

She liked Kumar's rig when she saw it at Asher's. I already showed her the ARB bumpers and explained how much "safer" they would be :D Gawd I'm obsessed.
Were you looking at that one at I think Sams Autos there on West Kellogg? I looked at it a couple of weeks ago, it looked like it was in fairly good shape and had lockers. Had a cloth interior, they had it parked toward the back.
taccruiser97 said:
Were you looking at that one at I think Sams Autos there on West Kellogg? I looked at it a couple of weeks ago, it looked like it was in fairly good shape and had lockers. Had a cloth interior, they had it parked toward the back.

I'm sure it's the same one, but it had leather seats. For the price I wasn't impressed and it's got some leaks and some overspray around the front window molding and the tires are feathered a bit. "Sam" said the Car Fax was clean, but that really doesn't mean much to me ... he couldn't explain the overspray and got a little pissy when I said it was overpriced for the condition it was in. I've seen much nicer ones for sell in Texas for that money. I'll keep looking.
TX is a good source of nice 80s. 95+ also seem to be more prone to Head Gasket failure. Also look at 96-97 LX450s you might find a better price on them. The LC name brings more. The leather isn't that great in the LCs. the LXs and 40th anniversary leather is a little better but it isn't like a Mercedes, Jag, or BMW. My other gripe is the stereos aren't great. But all of these things are minor.
I got a nice Ford Windstar for sale I'll make ya a heck of a deal on and it's got 3rd row seating! Comon Mike.. You know you want it! i'll even bend up a cool front stinger for it if you buy it!
Yea, it would be a great rig for you, since you already have a tow rig to haul it home with when it breaks down. :D
Selling my 1997 Land Cruiser- see link in signature. Lots of detailed pics/photos

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