school me 2fe conversion in fj62

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It's been done and is well documented. There is an old article in Toyota Trails that is repeated on the web (though it appears the links are down). Contact Tonkota here at MUD.



Installing a 2F block in a FJ62 does involve some creative fabrication for the accessories. You already have the EFI bits, so that is not an issue. Personally, installing the 3FE bits in a FJ60 sounds easier, but that is just me.
With the smog pump and A/C compressor deleted, installation is a snap. With them in the mix, you would have to modify your acc brackets a bit as Tonkota's PDF shows. Other than that, putting in a 2F fan shroud and few hose routing solutions (PCV, some coolant) it isn't really any different than installing another 3FE. You will need to bend a seam on the firewall to get your valve cover off and on though....

You will want your bottom end to come from a 60 rather than a 40, then you won't have to mess with pistons, and it should be better balanced out of the factory. The later (like post-85?) the better, as there were a few small improvements through the 60 series run, and the latest blocks had all of the threaded holes you need for mounting the alternator with the 3FE bracket. I had to wing it a bit for the alt. mount as my block was an 83.
I have a complete 1985 fj60 with complete drivetrain, and an 89 62 that is complete as well. I am considering this conversion because the 60 is totaled and the 62's engine seized on the previous owner.
I would just like to get as much information, photos, videos etc as possible before I do this.

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