scematic diagram for cigaret lighter

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Dec 14, 2005
getting resistance in cig lighter so if some one has a schematic for this bj60 which im sure is same as the fj, would be great thanks!
So the cigarette lighter uses resistance to get hot and light cigarettes. But I suppose you mean something else.
cigarette lighter.JPG
yes, not enough current flow

its not putting out the amps for external electronics like it should. bad connection or corrosion some where.

pretty simple circuit. power goes from assesory switch at ignition switch splits off to radio and cig lighter fuses then to cig and radio. Should not take long to find the problem.

Just did a ohm check between the center cig lighter pin to contact on the ignition switch. Came to .5 ohms. It is .4 ohms between the fuse and center pin on cig lighter. Now, I speculate the resistance in the ignition switch will probably be really high.

There is not enough juice coming out the cig lighter to the 200 watt inverter to keep the laptop powered so I speculate I have some high resistance some where. Its not .5 ohms. Going outside to check the resistance between the contacts on the ignition switch. Hate the idea of replacing the switch just to get power to the cig lighter.
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Please update this when solved, I think I have the same issue. Thanks

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