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Trunk Monkey

Apr 27, 2003
Salt Lake City
I really like mine especially since adding the tranny temp. I primarily monitor coolant temp, voltage and tranny temp. And of course its invaluable for code decipher. Wouldn't be without it.
While not as exhaustive as the Scangauge, AFAIK, I plan on hooking my iPhone up to a GoLink cable for troubleshooting and engine performance. Cool thing about the iPhone is that I have also downloaded an app that tells you what the code means. I found the GoLink cable on Amazon for $90 which admittedly is a lot of money for a cable, but it saves me from buying one more device.
How fast does the display update on the Scangauge? Is it fairly quick? Or is it somewhate blocky?
Thanks Cory.

I don't currently have a scangauge, but I am running a CTS-Insight. It's a product that my company is currently testing prior to release.

Here's a teaser:


Sorry for the Hi-Jack
It can correct for that too.

Yeah, that looks kind of dodgy. You clearly need more testing. Send me one.

LOL, are you on WC? PM me if you're really interested in one, and we'll see what we can do.
Speaking of (I searched)...
How do you correct for tire size on the Scanguage II?


285= 8+ . I used my nav to calculate it using the GPS speed.

Screen should look like this.

[< 0% > ]
[ 0=> 0 SAVE> ]
Thanks for the cross post Trunk Monkey. I was literally just thinking about buying of these the other day. I've been meaning to for a long while now. Just called and ordered a gauge with a spare cable. Thanks!
So to extend the length of the cord you just need some cat 5 cable with male and female plugs?
So to extend the length of the cord you just need some cat 5 cable with male and female plugs?

Yeah, it's standard stuff. The stock cable is about 6 feet long though. I had enough length to run it up the A pillar and across behind the headliner to my rearview mirror.

I did a rough calc on my 295's and they were 7% off, not to split hairs, I'm just sayin.

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