SOLD SC: TRD Rock Warrior Forged 6 Lug Wheels w/ 255/75R17 KM3's. SET OF 5.

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Jan 19, 2020
Charleston, SC
United States
Up for grabs is a stupid rare full set of 5 of the following:

5x TRD Rock Warrior 6 lug wheels 17x7.5 6mm offset and only weighing 27lbs each
(For more info on these wheels see this awesome thread on TW Selecting a light weight wheel/tire combo (TRD Rock Warriors & KO2s))
5x BFGoodrich KM3 tires in 255/75/R17 (32") D-Load rating.

Wheels are almost impossible to find in 6 lug. They are a VIN locked part from the dealer and this was the last set available in the country according to every source I had to uncover to find them.

Wheels and tires were brand new when installed on my GX470 at the end of March 2020, have maybe 6000 miles on them. Will come with the required TRD lug nuts and wheel locks as well as TPMS sensors.

These are currently installed on my GX470 and will be likely until this weekend when I swap my new setup on. See my build thread for more pictures. New this setup if you could even buy the wheels (which you can't anymore) would be over $3000 and thats not including the TPMS sensors, install labor or taxes.

Price for the setup is $2500. I am located in Charleston, SC and would prefer not to ship but will do so on the buyers dime.



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