SBC motor mounts

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I like the over the frame motor mounts pictured, They use stock Chevrolet motor mounts. I have the weld in with AA motor mounts. If I were to do it again I would use the over the frame. Much better mounting in my opinion. The stock motor mounts are not stronger, just a better configuration than the bolt through the donut of AA design. The AA design can elongate the hole in the weld-on bracket if you don't do regular maintance on your engine. Unfortunatly I don't know where to purchase the over the frame mounts. But they are out there someplace.
I like those over the frame mounts as well. I just pulled the engine on the 40 and had to cut out and reweld the AA type mounts to correct the engine placement. I was very happy I had the kind of mounts that you can access all the bolts. The saddle type mounts were giving us fits on another vehicle in the shop that day.

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