SBC Clutch Pilot Bushing - Is this Right??

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Feb 4, 2006
I installed my clutch pilot bushing in my V-8 just a little while ago and I just need to know is this far enough in? It is still sticking out maybe 1/16 inch give or take. I noticed that there was a lip nside to limit how far in it goes. It feels like I have rteached this point because it doesn't want to go any further. I cleaned in there real well and put a small amount of grease in there also before tapping it in with a small block of wood and a hammer. It feels like this as far as it goes but due to my inexperience I am not 100% sure. My questions are: Is this far enough in? If not any suggestions on getting to go further in since I can only tap it buffered by wood and not metal?Thanks
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Sure looks like it is seated to me....

Did you test-fit the bushing to the input shaft of the transmission before installing it?

Poser,As a matter of fact I am using a Marks's Adapter that comes with a shaft extension to account for the added 4 7/8" added length. I tested this bushing on it before putting it in and it spun and fit fine. Now that it is in it a little tighter and requires more effort to turn it but does not bind. Is it supposed to be somewhat tight or should I use a little emory cloth to take a little off of the shaft to make it looser?Thanks
looks good to me.

make sure there's plenty of oil on the bushing before installing the trans. do not use grease. i can get into more detail about proper pilot bushing lubrication if required. no time right now though.
Pilot Bushing

Everything went together real good today so I guess everything is right. Thanks for all the replies and help!

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