sbc alternator fix, voltage was spiking.

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Nov 1, 2007
Hudsonville, MI
Just wanted to share this. I posted a thread to try and fix my issues with my headlights that went out. My headlights used to go from okay to very bright with no pattern or apparent reason. Everyone told me to chekc the switches, check the gorunds, etc. Did all of that. I bought new headlights last week and really didn't want to have these blow out either. I started looking at my voltage regulator and even unplugged it to see what the ampmeter did and what voltage I would get at the headlight harness. Nothing changed. I assumed I had a voltage regulator built into my alternator. It is a single wire that is tapped into my factory harness. I saw over 16 volt with a digital voltmeter so I pulled the altenator. The shop said it was charging at 14.4v right on the money. As we stood there and talked about what else might be the issue, the voltage started to randomly spike over 16 volts. Once the alternator warmed up the VR was failing. Now my headlights are fine. I have yet to check my ampmeter to see if it had an effect on the jumping, but will post back. It is a gm delco alternator in case anyone was wondering.
Thanks for the heads-up my fellow Chevota driver!

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