sb chevy weight vs 2f weight

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Pirate 4X4 says a complete SBC is around 575 lbs and a complete 2F is about 750 lbs.
Yea, I was told about 200 lbs less for the sbc. (not to mention 100+ hp)
It feels like a big difference for steering, braking and handling. My 40 feels much heavier with the 2F in it now than the 350 before. My 60 has a similar weight 6.2L diesel and it feels lighter too, probably due to the weight being further back. The block is almost entirely behind the axle.

I wonder about the differences in front end breakage.

More with the Chevy and more hp, or more with the 2F with so much weight over the axle?
I was astounded by the weight of my 2F with the bell housing and clutch on, it's almost 800lbs.
Not like the V8's I grew up with. I think my pontiac super duty was even lighter than that.
I'd love to have that 421 SD poncho power in the FJ, NOW THAT'S TORQUE!!!!
At the days end I had over 450ftlbs.
You can built a SBC to produce torque like that but it takes some buckaroo's!!!
jwildzza said:
Yea, I was told about 200 lbs less for the sbc. (not to mention 100+ hp)

about what I was told. I was told, when I bought mine, about 250 pounds lighter + more power + better mileage.

however, with a 4 barrel Edlebrock carb, my mileage sucks!
I wouldn't worry so much about the weight but the complications involved with the swap. If you use a body lift, don't mind redoing driveshafts, trans, mounting, bellhousing stuff have the time and are fairly mechcanical it's a great swap.
I think the best way to do it is to use a Ranger split shifter unit. UD or OD, and drop it in. That unit is expensive but not much more that a v-8 kit with an extra gear. Can't beat that!!!
jwildzza said:
(not to mention 100+ hp)


If you buy a hipo 350 then it will have 100+ hp more. Or build it to have more hp. But most run of the mill 350's are not 100+ hp more than a 2F

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