Saw a nice 80 on the 210 Fwy W/B today...who is it?

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Sep 2, 2007
So. Cal
Green in color, hauling a Adventure Trailer with-of course-an IH8MUD sticker on the rear.

Who's is this?

Oh, it had Rubberized material on the wheel wells.
another one-
i've seen a dark blue or green 80, lifted, at's, kaymar rr bumper, hilift mounted on spare tire. hilift w/ black vinyl cover...tinted windows..yakima megawarrior pasadena.
maybe same guy?
Semlin is in the area, was in the 909 a few days ago then headed to Disney and Leogland then Moab, pulling a trailer with the family, His is dark grey though
That is Simon's, or 95eighty.

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