Savin' up for PM-HG or Birf service?

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by FatDaddy218, Jul 12, 2005.

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    Jun 6, 2005
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    Greetings 1st time poster longtime lurker. 96 FJZ80 with 111k. My dd is a hoss and pulls a big boat from time to time, don't really wheel much. I have really used the board to make the LC work stronger and simply give it some longevity. (Thanks CruiserDrew, CDan, especially Idaho Doug) :cheers: Tackled a coupla projects (airlift,cooling system and hose replacement (not PHH yet) and have come across alot of talk on Birfs and the head gasket weakness. Neither one is showing any signs of trouble as knuckles are clean and noise free and truck runs very smoothly. However, can't help but think of it since I don't know a vehicle maintenance history and judging by my previous fixes, PO wasn't that into it. Any ideas on which of the big LC regulars should come first?

    THX Fellaz- Justin C
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    Head gasket is not really a PM kinda thing. If it's OK, then it could last for a long long time. A burst PHH will put a heck of a strain on it. The job really isn't that bad. I think it's easier than some of the top heater hoses. The bottom heater core hose is a bastid.

    Knuckles need to be done before you have birf problems. Grouseman's were not showing any leakage on the outside and no noises. When we opened them up, both were leaking axle lube into the grease. The grease was completely contaminated.

    111K is past time to do both the PHH and the knuckles. Really oughtta do the rear wheel bearings too.
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    I'd do the birf. repack first, you are definitely at the mileage where it could become an issue. If you are not experiencing any overheating problems and don't have bubbles at the radiator (or other signs of head gasket trouble) then there is no need to be concerned.

    Some have replaced the head gasket with the newer style as a matter of PM...but many more have had no problems yet.

    I'd recommend doing the PHH soon. The logic behind this is that: anything that could cause the vehicle to overheat....could also cause a headgasket/radiator failure.

    The PHH is not alot of fun...but is almost considered "initiation" around here.

    Welcome to the Forum.
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    I sounds like you are in the position of having to baseline the whole truck. I would do the cooling system first-do a very complete flush, replace all the hoses, replace the thermostat and it's gasket and of course, the pesky heater hose. Then do the front axle-knuckle rebuild, new seals, and new wheelbearings. Then do the rears-easy, once you've done the fronts. Most people do not do the HG as PM, however Landtank did, and that's my plan as well. I have 95k miles, and will do it before 120k miles when I get to it. I also plan to replace the radiator before 120k as well. Good luck!
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