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Sep 14, 2009
Medford, Oregon.
Tomorrow I'm dropping Daphne off in GP for a day of scrapbooking. After I deliver a pair of glasses over near the Albertsons Bobby and I are going to head south past Wonder and follow Slate Creek Rd. to it's end and then we'll hike in a couple miles to see if we can find an old guy I ran into a couple years ago who was working an old claim on the side of the canyon. He showed me his technique and in about 10 minutes work he produced a couple pieces of the shiny stuff. He was slowly filling a 55 gallon drum with water and then running material down through a series of simple plumbing traps made of plastic. After each 5 gallon bucket of dirt he would empty the trapped material and pan it out. About $15 worth and that was a couple years ago. I just want to get out and stretch my legs and breath the air. maybe coax a couple trout out of the stream. It's a pretty canyon. BTW, my rear diff has a small leak out of the front seal. Must have put some pressure on it installing the locker.
Have fun Chris! :cheers:
Had a nice hike. my old friend was nowhere to be found and his cabin had been damaged by a fallen tree and then vandalized pretty badly. I'll try to attach some pic's.
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My mechanical abilities are on par with my computer skills. I successfully selected 3 pics but for some reason there was some kind of error and they wouldn't load. I'll try again.

No luck! It keeps saying they can't process it because a "security token" is missing.??? Do you hand those out at meetings? Is it like Little Orphan Annie's decoder ring?? :hmm:
Dad's Camera DL 054.jpg
Dad's Camera DL 059.jpg
Dad's Camera DL 066.jpg
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Getting better......

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