Satellite phones

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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
Forget all this HAM stuff!

This is a reminder about the 4WDABC raffle for the Globalstar Satellite
Phone.  All club delegates have received raffle booklets and the draw date
is March 18 at the 4WDABC AGM.  Don't forget to purchase your tickets
ahead of time and good luck!!

Amanda Tarry
4WDABC Secretary
NCOAS member
Yes, great. If you don't mind $2.00 per minute. :)

Yeah they're great if you can afford to operate it. The cheapest rate is $50 per month with a minimum 12 month contract. That gives you 30 minutes of time and is $1.60 per minute after that. That's after you buy the phone for $1000 (unless you win one).
$2 is nothing when you're in the middle of nowhere and you need one. Won't work without one anymore.
I didn't make the laws and regulations of VHF radio use. I did however study very hard to get my qualifications to use it. Now if we find ourselves in an emergency situation, do you know how to get in touch with a repeater to bring in a search and rescue helicopter for a fast evacuation such as the incident that happened a month ago up E. Harrison Lake?
Did you buy all the tickets, or are there going to be some at the meeting?


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