SAS #5 2021 Texas Convoy Thread

Nov 30, 2009
Amarillo Tx.
For all those interested in traveling as a group from the SouthEastern states I welcome you to join us.
This year we will mirror what we did last year. Friday evening July 30 for some food and few beers.
All are welcome to camp or use the shop while here.
We will leave early (hopefully) July 31 from Amarillo and begin the journey stopping as required for fuel, restrooms and repairs if required along the way. We typically go 150-200 miles before stopping. Will stop in Trinidad CO for lunch and a grocery stop for the evening meal.
From there we will head North on I-25 to Walsenberg, there are a few folks traveling with us that plan on going to Alamosa for the night. I will lead a group over Medano Pass again to the backside of the Great SandDunes National Park. If the group is large we we find BLM land again and camp for the night. As stated earlier hopefully we can roll early to allow plenty of time to see the dunes.
Sun Aug 1 we will get up and head to Classic Cruisers in Poncha Springs, one of our longtime sponsors graciously hosts a Cruiser salvage yard and restoration shop tour. He will be open fro parts so bring your lists and Credit Cards.
Should be on the road early afternoon for the final leg of the Texas Convoy. HWY50 Over Monarch Pass to Gunnison, follow the Blue Mesa Reservoir the Black Canyon of Gunnison and turn South from Montrose on HWY 550 for the short drive to Ouray.
If you are planning on joining us please send me a PM or a text so I can plan accordingly for Friday night.
See all you guys real soon.

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May 19, 2021
Houston, TX
Heads up there’s a lot of construction on US 50. If you don’t time it right it could be major delays between Gunnison and Montrose.

Dec 16, 2015
I might have worded that wrong.. the last trips the plans fell through with people out of tucson. I was on my own atthe last minute both trips.

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