Sand/Sodablasting shops in So Cal?

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Apr 10, 2011
Wildomar, CA
Attention all So Cal cruisersheads!!!Looking for a somewhat inexpensive shop that will sand or sodablast my 76' FJ40. I am dismantling Big Blue as much as possible, thinking it would be cheaper to do it in parts. Any suggestions of where I can go?
I am in Poway and have taken parts to R W Little in San Diego. They do great work and are good to deal with. They also do excellent metal spraying and galvanizing. I've been pleased with their work.
It wasn't bad, as I recall. I've had various parts done in the past and once took a bunch of rusty oxygen storage tanks in that I salvaged off a deep-submergence vehicle, had them sandblasted and metal sprayed, and used them for years in my diving business. It was cheaper to have them do it than buy wholesale tanks.

Give them a call.

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