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Aug 4, 2003
Anyone care to share their favorite trails in East County San Diego?

Thanks - Dan :cheers:
Where's East County?
"East county" refers to the eastern most part of San Diego County which includes the mountains of the Cleveland National Forest, and Anza -Borrego Desert State Park.

Gotcha. I really enjoyed wandering around Anza Borrego before we moved away 10 years ago. I don't recall trail names, but ask around for the one with the Squeeze, and the Dropoff on it for a bit of drama. We used to toss a tent in the 80 and a few days food and simply wander around. Wherever we found ourselves an hour or two before sunset, we'd just back into an arryo (dry creek bed). Check out the Pumpkin Patch, 7 Palms Oasis, etc. North of Borrego Springs is a trail called Coyote Canyon that is also gorgeous. It used to be you could go all the way through, but now you go in, then back out the same way. Still a beauty. My highest recommendation would be to call the A-B ranger station and ask for the telephone number for the peak foilage dates. As the season shapes up, they'll put the dates on this recording. THAT's the most amazing time to go traveling in the desert - when it blooms for a couple weeks once a year. Have fun!

I'm in San Diego. I hit Anza Borrego - Canyon Sin Nombre down Diablo Drop Off into Fish Creek is fun - mostly easy, more difficult the other way. Make sure you go up Sandstone Canyon. Also Coyote Canyon past third crossing up the bypass. You can go anywhere in Ocotillo Wells - just dodge the motorcycles.
Dan, I'm in your neck of the woods so give me a holler if you want some company checking out trails.
Mike R.
Riverside, CA
Thanks for the input folks. Was hoping to see more S.D. people on this board, though! Would be cool to do a "Meet & Greet" sometime, swill a few beers, and show off our rigs.

hi you fearless SD wheelers.
We are contemplating possibly going down to Joshua or Anza between Xmas and NY, possibly going on to AZ. Could spend a day or 2 exploring the former 2. Only easy trails for us, I'm afraid given tires etc. Anybody there around that time?

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