SOLD San Diego,CA: DYI LC100/LX470 Drawer System (1 Viewer)

May 30, 2014
San Antonio, TX
In May, built a drawer system for my 2001 LC for family camping trip. Just got back and I would say the system was great. Just used it one time. So, it's super clean and no issue. Only reason I am selling is we might be moving and it's something I don't want to haul across the country by the movers.

Use Case for the Build: We used yellow HD bins to organize our camping stuff and got tired of fumbling and removing the bins to get to what we needed. Also, it wasn't the safest thing to have everything not tied down while driving. Wanted something to solve these issues and also a system that's easy to take in and out easy as it's our DD. The height of the system is in line with the second row back seat height. I wanted to see through the back of the car with rearview mirror and also allow more stuff to be placed on top of the system if needed with bungy net cords. The larger top drawers have metal latch to make it stronger and also added a side-lock to the top drawer for extra safety/security measure. Also has open space in the back of system for misc larger things (I used it for my Kodiak Canvas Tent and tools).

I used 19/32 plywood for the framing of the box and 1/2 inch for drawers. Drawer slides are rated at 100 lbs. I weighed all my food/camping stuff by each drawer and it wasn't going over 100 lbs. I wrapped the drawer system with gray outdoor carpet from Home Depot. It's heavy duty and works out great.

Asking $600 or OBO. Local pick-up in San Diego area. Does not come with ARB Fridge or Fridge Slide.

Tie Down to Vehicle: Using 2 turnbuckles to anchor to rear jump seat hooks.

Drawer System Dimension Details:
Overall Box: Width: 42", Length: 36", Height: 25"
Right Side Inside Width of Fridge Hole and Drawer: 18.25" to allow ARB Fridge Slide
Left Side Drawer Width: 21"
Drawer Depth: 29"

Details of materials used:
- 19/32 (.59inch) for walls, top and bottom
- 1/2in for drawers
- 2x Chrome 2" Flush Pull Slam Latch for Boat (used for top drawers for latch strength. Can easily switch out to black plastic to match bottom latches.
- 2x Plastic Flush Pull Slam Latch for Boat (used for lower drawers)
- 28 inch full extension drawer slide with 100lb load rating
- gray outdoor/boat carpet




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