For Sale San Diego: 2015 Lexus LX570 22K miles

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  1. LX570
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Second owner, we bought this to use for trips to the mountains, mountain biking etc but the truth is its just too nice for what we want to use it for. We are going to downgrade to a pickup truck and are reluctantly putting it up for sale.

First owner sadly passed away shortly after buying this new in 2015 and it sat in the families garage barely getting used until 2020 we purchased it from his widow. The vehicle is perfect, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Full disclosure - (I’ve been telling everyone who contacted me about the LX but will post it here so I’m not wasting anyone’s time) The LX was in an accident at 14k miles, rear bumper, lift gate, rail lights etc were replaced ($9000 in repairs), PO offered to have it professionally inspected and I’ll do the same for a serious buyer, I crawled in it, over it and under it and couldn’t tell it was ever worked on so bought it on the spot without an inspection and have no regrets. I understand that this might be more of an issue for others, especially if you’re out of town and I’ll do whatever I can to help with that but it was repaired, it does show up on the car fax and I have no intention of trying to hide that. Despite all this it’s still one the nicest vehicles I’ve ever driven or owned (and there have been a few) and if you’re still interested but think I’m asking too much feel free to take advantage of the “or reasonable offer” clause below.

Based on the condition and mileage we're asking $50,000 or best reasonable offer.





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Sep 16, 2018
NW Arkansas
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As good as new at half the price. Here's an opportunity for someone who prefer the look of a 13-15 LX over 16+ LX.
I was lucky to find my 2013 with only 14k miles about a year ago. Couldn't be happier with my decision.


Jan 19, 2017
So Cal
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I’ve updated the description to include more information on repairs that were done at 14,000 miles. I get that this is a deal breaker for some but I figure cars get repaired all the time and at least this one was done right, by a good shop, and is out in the open so it didn’t bother me when I bought it.
As for shipping I have no idea but you could try

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