SOLD San diego: 2004 Toyota Landcruiser 100 series

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
San Diego, California United States
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Hey guys. Relisting this here. I'm selling my 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser.
Asking $13,000
Miles 291,500
Had misread the market for cruisers when I listed it originally. Just had it listed too high so I’m going to take a loss on this one.

The reason I’m selling is I got this from a friend, paid 12,500 and thought I could fix it up for a fun project and if I liked it I would sell my 2016 4runner and build the 100 for camping/off-roading but I decided I wanted to build something straight axle.

Here’s a you tube link for full walk around video. But ignore the part about the dvd screen, was a super simple fix. Just had to adjust the latch.

I put a lot of work recently into it, about $2000 in maintenance and repair.
The 2004 is a great year as after 2003 the transmission was upgraded to the 5speed.

Runs and shifts VERY smooth and doesn’t miss a beat. It honestly blows my mind how good it runs.

I have a lot more pictures and I can send and the carfax.

I took the entire interior apart and deep cleaned everything while I replaced the sunroof and reupholstered the front seats.

Timing belt done 45k miles ago
Mostly a Southern California car.
Almost no rust, just a little on the underside of the top half of the tailgate (see pictures) some on the skid plates.
Oil change Diff & tcase fluid change
New Spark plugs
New Battery
New Drivers side Door hinge
new oem wipers
Coolant flush and new thermostat
New front seat leather upholstery from Lseat, drivers seat was over stuffed with extra foam for better longevity and comfort.
Speakers refurbished
The abs/brake master unit is I n great condition.
Only this that doesn’t work is the motor for the telescoping on the steering wheel. I can fix that if you would like.
Feel free to ask a any questions.
CA registration renewal just paid in December.
I do have the 3rd row seating, it’s just not pictures but are in great condition.











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