For Sale San Diego: 1999/Toyota/Land Cruiser LC100

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  1. 100 Series
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I'm selling my 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser. It is currently posted on eBay. I have occasionally read this forum for help and learning about the Land Cruiser mods, but it never crossed my mind to post on here until someone sent me a message telling me I should post it on here. So here goes:

Anyhow, I figure it will be a good deal for anyone looking for a nicely moded 1999 LC-100. I purchased it less than 2 years ago with the thought that I wanted to take it on an overland trip down to South America but life happened and I got married in the process. Now, the wifey is not down with the idea of the overland trip so that's not going to happen anymore. Additionally, I'm working from home full-time now so my LC just sits on my driveway all the time.

Anyway, here is a list of all the mods that I have done to it:

* ARB front and rear air lockers
* ARB single motor onboard compressor with the hose for airing up
* New (~3k ago) BFG All Terrain KO2s
* Method Wheels
* 4 new OME shocks (installed at the same time as the tires)
* KN&N Air Intake/Filter
* Timing belt replace ~15 - 20k ago
* Two light bars inside the front bumper

I had the oil changed this weekend so it's ready for a nice road trip.

I posted some additional pictures here: iCloud Photo Sharing





Ebay says it sold 12k

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