Parting Out San Antonio, TX 2000 100 series part out, interio

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I have what's left of an ongoing part out. It's a 2000 100 series, rotten underside.

Mostly just interior left, door panels, sun visors, seats, dash, etc.

Doors and rear hatch, tail gate are all available as well, no concerning rust on these.

Also has a newer brake master/booster. I have a receipt for it.

Not available/sold:
Engine, trans, transfer, shafts
ECU, wiring, shifter, cluster
Climate control panel
rear view mirror
Front fenders, hood, bumper, grill.
***UPDATE 1/2/2023
Front seats (both)
front cupholders
3rd row vents
center console upper lid
center console interior
Driver's front window reg/motor
Driver's rear door lock actuator assembly

Located in Schertz, TX just outside of San Antonio.


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Hey! I've been looking for a few items, let me know what if you still have them!

Power Mirror Control switch below the window vent controls
PWR and 2ND buttons by the shifter.
Steering Wheel
I can check tomorrow, this had an aftermarket single din stereo with a small cubby underneath, is that what you need?
No, it's the console between the two front seats... open the lid and in mine there is an ugly 6-disc CD changer. I just want to remove, but not have a gaping hole. so I would replace it with a cubby from an LC that didn't have the changer.
Is this a non Navigation truck? if so do you have the manual climate control wiring harness?
thanks Jason
Looking for an OEM roof rack, interior hatch trim, and a couple rear interior trim pieces. I’m in Houston.

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