Saginaw-swap pump bracket question.

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Apr 17, 2011
Ogden, Utah
Saginaw swap is raging on.
This is my first swap (first everything).
got the box bolted up and column all tidy.

Time to mount the pump. The pics I've seen show this post on the bracket (like this:)
Sorry first pic is blurry
It doesn't seem very sturdy. Where do I mount this piece/tensioner?
And what is the misc hardware for?
Thanks in advance for your expertise.
I would call the place you bought the kit from. They slotted bar is will bolt on the back of they pump and attach on the engine block or maybe on the mounting plate. There odd looking threaded rod looks like it could be a tensioner. Maybe you're missing some parts?? No instructions?
Search for Bill Dorry power steering pump bracket... this is his design, lots of pictures on google. I made my own version of this setup and the way I did it was to mount the tensioner to a threaded hole on the front surface of the steering pump and the other side to one of the bolts on the water pump. Replace the bolt on the water pump with that threaded stud. Use the slot to bottom out the stud and then one of the nuts to secure the water pump. Then put the tensioner on and use the remaining nut to secure the tensioner once adjusted. I had to bend the tensioner to get it to align. Looks like you will need another bolt for the steering pump side.

I bought mine from @orangefj45 at Valley Hybrids, he might be able to direct you to some pictures, or instructions. I am just about to do the install and would like to see the completed install as well.

This might help.

One more....


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