Saginaw steering or pump dead...

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Jan 22, 2003
Silicon Valley
OK guys, I'm officially panic since I'm trying to get the truck ready for big wheeling trip coming up.

I have a J20 saginaw box and a saginaw pump...Everything works fine in 2WD. When I get the truck in 4x4, most of the time it would not turn left, turning right is OK, and steering box start to leak at the top cap (the cap with 4 bolts), and my pump is also spewing oil through the cap.

This is a bummer because the saginaw has only couple hundred miles, and the pump has about a thousand miles on it, and this is my 4th pump already. This used to work fine for a month. I hate to say this but these are the only GM stuffs I have on my truck and it gave me so much trouble:eek:

Anyone has idea what could be wrong? Thanks in advance.

Howdy! Can't help much on the pump and box, but the "no left turn in 4x4" sound almost like a bad Birf. Good Luck. John
Howdy! Can't help much on the pump and box, but the "no left turn in 4x4" sound almost like a bad Birf. Good Luck. John

That's what I thought too, I put the truck on jackstand and enaged 4x4 and was able to turn the wheels to the left...I have installed these birfields about a year ago but haven't taken the truck offroad yet so I doubt that birfield is broken but I guess something could be binding up in there, I have the ring'ed longfieds.

I've just ordered another new Jeep J20 box and was told that I bought their last and only steering box more than a year ago :eek: But they special ordered another from a different distributor. Keep my fingers crossed that is the right box since these are very hard to find nowaday. I will pull the birfields and install the 30-spline chromoly longfieds today, and make sure that nothing is binding up the birfied.

Anybody has any other ideas please share with me.


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Hi All:

Tien, I can source you a J20 PS gearbox from a local re-builder (a buddy has one in his rig) if you need it. Just let me know what I can do to help!


Alan, thanks very much! The box should be here tomorrow, if they cannot get it I will bug you then.

I've just pulled the passenger side ring'ed longfield and replaced it with the 30-spline chromoly set, the old f'ing bir looks good so is the poly performance chromoly inner. Will do the driver side tomorrow.
First, bleed the system. Sounds like air in the pump and lines.

Pull, the hoses on the pump and manually turn the box to make sure it is not a problem with the box.

Also, if you say it happens when in four wheel drive, is the ARB on in 4WD? If the infamous "pin" in the ARB came out it would cause it to lock up.
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