Saginaw pump on a 3b

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I'm interested
If you can do right hand drive I'm interested.
I've got a 42 that might be interested...
Me too please

My '81 BJ42 was sent to my buddy's paint shop as a filler job for him. He told me up front that it would take him six months to do it.

I got it back 18 months later and realized that I really like power steering.

So I too am interested.
use factory toyoto stupid

saginaw 4bolt steering boxes are good but the stock power steering works awesome from the 60 series, either mount the stock box further back on the frame or saginaw it. stock has no problem churning 35's with a locked front end. did i mention make sure to get the 4 bolt steering boxes
Since I spent most of the day yesterday fabricating a bracket for the 3B power steering pump (same as FJ-62) on the 3B, I think it'd be a good idea.

What would you be doing about tensioning the belt? The crankshaft pulley is easy enough to add, but the tensioner/idler is a little more complicated--and manufacturer discontinued.

Good question

I was thinking of finding one used. Maybe down undr? Does the 13 bt use one? would a tensioner from any other toyota work? Right now I have my saginaw pump below the alternator with no tensioner and its worked well for several years. anybody got any ideas???

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