saginaw pump bracket

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Jun 28, 2003
Here again...
Hello all,
I am trying to mount a saginaw pump on my f engine and am having a hard time figuring out a bracket. The alternator is off (move to other side) and the aircleaner is off (turn backward so pump clears). &nbsp:Does anyone have a bracket for this engine they would sell? Or does anyone have the dimensions or a picture of a bracket. I did read all of the info on but could'nt find anything specific to this engine or any pictures detailed enough. Thanks for being patient (It's my first cruiser).

I bought his sag mounting bracket and it is first class. It uses the motormount bolts instead of the head bolts. The tensioner mounts to a stud on the waterpump, which he also provides. He'll send you a pic if you contact him. I think it was $85 plus shipping. He is a machinist and it shows in his stuff.
Ed Long :)
I have the brackets that Ed Long (thanks for the plug Ed) wrote about in the previous post.I have the pump bracket and the mini gearbox bracket. You can see them at my yahoo picture site listed below. If your interested you can email me at and I will give you more info. Bill
Thank you for responding so quickly . I am very interested in the bracket. From the photos the work looks of great quality. My only concern is that my steering pump is an older model. It has a long oval reservior spout and is shaped slighlty different. I do not know if the mounting bolts are the same. I will post this to the forum to see if anyone knows in case you don't. I guess this is where a digital camera comes in handy.

Upon closer inspection the mounting points do look similar.
Anyway, open to everyone.

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