Saginaw PS Pump Conversion in California w/ Smog Pump.

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Oct 2, 2007
Inter-Mountain Northwest
'84 FJ60 w/ failing PS pump seals.

What's the process for doing conversion with smog pump installed?
Does this complicate belt runs/pulleys, etc?

Far as I can tell, I need mounting bracket for saginaw pump, the pump itself w/ pulley and a new high pressure line to fit the new pump.

I'd love to move to Montana and desmog.....not an option....yet.

Is there a thread specifically covering this process? I've found a lot of really good info and lotsa' good pictures..but nothing yet regarding the smog pump and ps conversion together..thanks for all your time and effort helping people like me.:steer:
i run the saginaw pump in mine and the air pump ...same belt no problems
i run the saginaw pump in mine and the air pump ...same belt no problems

did you use mod to stock pump bracket as shown in above thread?
or did you use maf bracket?

I noticed a mention of high pressure line this due, maybe to offset in conversion bracket?

did yours fit without mod to high press line?


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