Saginaw pressure

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Oct 25, 2002
Colton, CA
I was curious if I could use a Saginaw ps pump for a hydro steering setup. &nbsp:Does it produce enough pressure and does it have enough volume for a full hydro setup?


Has enough for assist, will have enough for full as well, just make sure you run a big cooler and big reservoir for the fluid. I'd also run at least semi-synth. Matt did some pump tweaks that work well.
Thanks. I talked to Matt @ West Texas and he pointed out a few good things. Although I think I am going to try to run a power steering pump from a semi (bigger reservoir, more flow). Now where can I put an extra pulley to run it, or should I just get a bigger belt and run everything on that one belt?
IIRC, later FJ40's and FJ55's had a double crank worth a post in the wanteds....

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