saginaw Power Steerin Pump-Toyota Power Steering Box


El Tractor
May 6, 2007
San Juan Puerto Rico
Is this combination works OK? How the steering should feels, on the heavy side, or light? I have this combination and I haven't been able to get it to work right. The steering feels mushy, on the heavy side with "flat" spots while turning. It is not a one finger operation. One rebuilt GM pump didn't work at all. Since I though the problem was the steering box, I have it rebuilt, still not working right. I went and got the pump replaced one more time, still the steering feeling heavy, mushy and wobbly steering. Next I will try to increase the pressure on the pump (the washer trick) to see if there is any improvement. And if this does not work... i will get the OEM pump. By the way does anyone out there have a working one??

J Vazquez:grinpimp:
San Juan PR
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