Saginaw p/s conversion and a SBC...will this box work??

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Mar 28, 2005
Havertown, PA
Have you entertained the thought of using a FJ60 box?
Saginaw makes the gear boxes for Jeep, so many of the post here on Mud refer to using the Jeep box. What you need is an 800 series passenger car type box, inside frame mount bolting outward into the frame, as opposed to Pickup style that mounts outside the frame bolting inward. The box you need is found on Jeeps, and mid and full sized GM passenger vehicles. The last one I bought used was off of a Chevy S-10.
Howdy! That box is a little different that what most folks use. I have never seen the little nub sticking out of the input shaft. Also, the output shaft does not look like it has the common diameter/spline count to match most of the Pitman Arms that are normally used in LandCruiser/Saginaw conversions. John
looks just like the one i have, you might also ask how many turns lock to lock besides part number.

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