saginaw or saginaw p series pump

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Oct 18, 2007
Houston, Texas
I'm looking for a bracket to mount this ps pump on my 1984 chevy 350 crate motor. I was looking on summit racing and they have saginaw brackets and saginaw p-series brackets. Does anyone know the differences between the two? and how I can tell which one i have? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have the long water pump. These are pictures of my pump.
Looks a lot like the one I have. It is all from a 77 Chevy full sized sedan. I would just to out to the local Pik N Pul and get what you need for $10. TAke your junk along and match it up. Don't know about any P designation. John
well I have a factory bracket but it uses a hole on the cast iron exhaust manifold, which i don't have. I am due for a trip to the pick n pull though so ill see what i can get.
I think mine has one or two braces to the bolts on the long water pump. I can go out and look in a little while John
I have the summit setup, very clean and easy install with two bolts. Just call them, they have a good tech service. I tkink it's a "P" pump but not sure.

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