Saginaw Box Input Size Sanity Check

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Mar 18, 2009
Escondido, CA
Ok, I beleive I ordered the wrong size U-joint :doh: for my steering box. I thought it was a 3/4"-36 spline, but after searching the posts it seems that I most likely have the 13/16"-36 spline. The box is an 800 series, and there are definatly 36 splines.

Just want a sanity check before I return this one and order the 13/16".

Also ordered the Borgeson 3/4-1" DD steering shaft, very nice stuff. I'll post pics of the final setup when done.

Thanks again to the muddy waters of knowledge.
The 13/16 36 spline is the most common type. I know that's what mine is. There are other spline arrangements so be careful when you order.
On the 800-series Saginaw powersteering boxes, there are 3 different input shaft diameter/spline combinations:

shaft diam spline count
.75 30
.75 36
13/16 36
Popularity wise, we sell 70% 3/4-30, 10% 3/4-36, and 20% 13/16-36.
63-67 Corvette is 3/4-30
68-83 Corvette is 3/4-36
58-64 Chevys are 3/4-36
77-older series 800 boxes are 13/16-36
78-newer series 800 boxes are 3/4-30
Good info Jim. Do you think the reason the majority of the size you sell is due to the fact that they are the most current/avilable in salveage yards or ???
For years and years, the cross reference for steering boxes has been 68 Impala. It's a 4 turn, 4 bolt box. Pretty sure that one has 13/16-36 input. You just need to be sure you have the correct female spline on the steering shaft and all will be well.

The Jeep J-20 box with the same mount and the larger piston is also 13/16-36.

Does anyone use a Corvette box on a Land Cruiser? Seems like an odd comparison though I have heard of 1 person using a Camaro box.

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