Sagging Suspension

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Jun 5, 2005
Columbia, SC
I have a 1989 fj-62. I am running stock springs with the OME shackle reversal with the greasable pins and such. I also have new longer OME shocks, however I don't know how much longer they are. I am running 33" tires. I have an ARB bumper w/ a winch weighing down the front, and a Slee bumper with a full size spare and high-lift weighing down the rear.

My leaf springs are sagging considerably to the point where i get some minor rubbing just pulling in and out of parking spots. I would like to fix this what is involved in getting my springs reshaped?

Also I am seriously considering getting some OME dakkar replacement leafs. If I do this, what problems should I expect to run into with shocks, steering angles, driveline angles, brake lines, sway bar links etc. since I already have the shackle reversal?

Are there any other options anyone would reccomend? (I dont want to run smaller tires)
When you are turning, where do the tires rub?
Just on the mud flaps I think, but it never used to do that. When I get flexed out my tires will stick completely up in my wheel well, which is tearing my tires up from all those little bolts up there.
Maf Add-a-leaf Is What I Got. And I Do Alot Of Towing. I Like It,
jcoles said:
What about Dakkar 2" in the front and add-a-leaf in the rear?

It's also a good option .. but I thought add a leaf in front and Dakars rear .. why .. teh load in your rear end is much more critical, and requires better springs to handle it.

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