Safest way to haul a 2F

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Jan 14, 2006
Durango, CO
I need some help. I am heading to the Front Range this weekend to purchase a used 2F engine. What is the safest way to haul the engine back home? I'll be traveling through the Mountains, a distance of about 400 miles. I have an engine stand that I can mount it to then secure the stand to the pick up bed. It seems that this could be a little too top heavy. Is there an easier way to do this? Would it be better just to build a crate to haul it in? I had a workmate that said he used to just set the engine (V8) in the bed of a truck on top of a couple of old tires. That seems a little too unsecure for me
I appreciate any feedback.
Bill L.

I have used the "used tire" approach. Just set the oil pan in the center of the tire it balances pretty well. Then just strap her down solid at the 4 corners and she won't go anywhere.

just a thought.
The good ol' tire works well, I did this myslef many times. These engines are extremly heavy! more so than a V8. You need to be careful that you don't mess up the oil pan moving this thing around. I would st the engine on several differen sized blocks of wood and then strap it down. I would not put it on an engine stand. I think it would be too top heavy and put alot of weight up too high and alot of strss at the rear mounts only.

I was told by the guy that sold me my engine that it weighed about 850 lbs with the clutch flywheel and bellhousing. I removed all of that and have been working on the engine prepping it for an install. I tell you that thing is freakin' heavy!! Especially due to the way I had to mount it to the cheapo engine stand (rated only for 750lbs), it is very very top heavy. I need to use the engine hoist just to move it side to side on the stand.

I hope to god this thing runs well otherwise I'm going to not only be pissed but under alot of abuse from friends and family. I'll never hear the end of it; buying an engine without hearing or seeing it run!!

Good luck with your new engine
I've also carried engines in an old tire. seems like the std unless they are new in a crate.
I just hauled on 750 miles last weekend. I put a pallet in the truck bed, put plastic over it, set the engine on it, strapped it down with 4 straps (2 to each lift point), wrapped the plastic over the engine and taped well. Then I added one heavy strap over the engine making sure it would not be in harms way. It made the trip fine and the last half was pouring down rain.

The pallet broke over night in my garage and broke one of the small straps. The large strap over the top kept it upright until I got it unloaded.

I wish I had known ablut the tire method. That sounds even better. Next time maybe.
Another vote for the tire. Not much better (or cheaper) than that.
I also agree with the tire method. But make sure that your straps are heacy enough and that the tie downs on the truck can handle the weight of the 2f if it decides to take off. :eek:

The last time I hauled an engine I used a pallet as well and strapped it down but the tire method has workded well for me too in the past. When I got it home I stored in a crate to keep it from tipping over until I was ready to work on it. I used a couple of old 2x6's and 2x4's.
My F weighted 740 lbs. The best way I found to ship it, was bolting it down to the skid through the motor mounts. Couldn't move it after that.
I built a "crate/skid" to haul a motor from central CA to Portland OR. Check out Mikestas post "the LV that will be built first" in the LV section for a picture. 600 miles and not even a wiggle. The tire thing works but then what do you do with the tires? With a crate you can heat the house when you're done.
Just my.02
In my box truck I just ratchet strapped the motors to the walls. In a pickup I lay them on the intake side and strap'm down. Blocking them up on a pallet is also a great idea.

I craned a 2f into the back of a 4runner, then set the top down over it and hauled it from San Diego to Fresno. It was propped up on some wooden blocks, and tied to the factory tie downs with harbour frieght ratchet straps. It now lives happily in my 72 Fj40, the 4 runner on the othe hand, recently passed away.
Thanks to all who responded.
I'll bring tires and tie-down straps, though not much to anchor to. So I'll also bring some wood and make a 'saddle'/crate if I need to. I'll be traveling over the infamous "Wolf Creek Pass" and many other winding roads, so I do need a secure ride.


Bill L.

Just saw this...

I think if you have the ability to build a crate that will ride the 2F on its mounts, that would be best.

Ben just got all the oil leaks fixed on this sucker, it would be a shame to distort the oil pan and have a leaker (from someone who has systematically hunted down and dispatched all leaks on his 40).

See you soon!

I think you're right. I don't want leaks or damage to occur at all. Can you come help?

:idea: I hauled an F engine home in the back of my pickup about a year ago. Ordinarily I subscribe to the tire method, but that time things worked out even better. When I arrived to pick up the engine it was still in the frame. I asked the seller if they were going to sell the frame, which was obviously beyond repair. After he told me he was going to scrap it I cut out the section of the frame i needed to carry the engine and hoisted it into the truck setting it on some 2X4's. With the engine bolted to the frame, and the whole thing strapped down firmly, I don't think you could have improved on the security of the arrangement. maybe you'll get lucky and he'll have a scrap frame around:) Otherwise, good luck with the tire method.

PS be careful about the oil pan, I've had to weld the skid guard back on due to transport damage.


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