Safe T Steer???

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Aug 11, 2010
I was doing some digging when I ran across a thread about offset knuckle bearings from a company in AU called Safe T Steer. I emailed about a catalog and got no response. Anybody here on mud know about this company, and if the doors are still open? The offset on the bearings are to correct camber, thought it was pretty cool. Especially since I thought there was no way to correct it without cutting the knuckle.
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If you have a problem with camber... Bearings are NOT the fix......

ok... unless the bearing you have are shot , and then you just replace them with the correct bearing.
I have only heard of them once. But I agree with Dave, if you have improper Camber, You have more issues than a bearing is going to easily fix.

Now, it is possible that if you used a se of these in the right orientation you could add a bit of caster to your front axle.. Possibly..
I have not had it on the rack yet, but just eyeballing with the rear tire it looks like the front tire pass. side is not exactly in line with the rear tire(vertical orientation). Im not that worried about it, I can barely see it, and my eyes might be playing tricks on me. But if it is out, then why would offset bearings, NOT be an ok fix(assuming they are quality)? The seal on that side might not be perfectly centered, but with double lip seals, I cant see that being a problem either. I use double lip seals in a very wet, caustic environment with worn out, slightly misaligned shafts pretty often at work and they still manage to keep the water out.

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