Sad day - pig must be parted...

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May 12, 2003
Austin, TX
Well - after much effort and many months of debating I've decided my '73 FJ55 is going to be parted. Truck has title issues - bought it from a guy, who had bought it from a guy and it hasn't been registered by either. Can't track down original owner ... wasn't worried when I bought it in pieces, but now that it's complete I can't drive it :frown:

Short of it is I've got some money in it and it will need more to get it where I want - just can't spend that with a clear conscience without a title. I've got all the sought after stuff (been collecting for a year) - let me know what you need. I'll post up a detailed list over the weekend in the classified section -


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That does suck!!! No way to fix all the title hassels? If you are going to part it, I need some misc. stuff. Rear bench seat stops/lock things, sun visors and a dash pad if it will fit my 72.
Have you tried doing a lost title on it. Don't know the specifics of Texas but usually if you get a bill of sale you can apply for a lost title. Does it have plates on it?
I think you should try getting a title first. The state of CT doesn't even have titles if you can believe that. If you buy a truck from there, there is no title.
In Texas you cannot title a vehicle from out of state unless it passes state inspection. The truck was bought in Iowa and was used off road out in Big Bend by a river guide for 4 years ... who then sold it with a power of attorney and the signed title he had. The next owner let it sit for another couple of years and sold it to me with another power of attorney since it wasn't drivable and he couldn't title it. Now I have the truck with two powers of attorneys and the signed title, but the first has expired because it is so old. Haven't been able to contact the original owner in Iowa ... who could in fact take the truck back if he wanted to since it's still in his name (don't have that bill of sale). Big mess -

I'm looking for this part of the dash (yellow arrow pointng). Thanks.


Dashpad point.JPG
PM me with a price for the signals off the front fenders. I have like 5 of them and only 1 useable.
this is also not advised but one could aquire a vin plate and matching title from someone who was parting out a piggy.
RHINO said:
this is also not advised but one could aquire a vin plate and matching title from someone who was parting out a piggy.

Absolutley illegal and a great way to end up in the greybar hotel.

It may also be illegal to part it out without a dismantling permit.
whoah this is some heavy stuff, i had no idea there was so much legal issues you guys had to sort out with registering cars over there, over here it's reasonably easy for me, i think......hope, atleast i have a contact number and address of PO.
I've got a couple of people interested in the whole lot - so I'll see where that goes before I start pulling parts. I've got about $1500 in the truck right now, so I'll consider offers in that neighborhood (PM me and I'll send you the details if interested).

If I end up parting it - I do have a set of rust free lowers and all the brake and reverse lenses for all you brothers in need :)

Tucker, I was going through my horde over the weekend. As much as I would like another pig i don't have the room for a another truck I can't drive right now. I know that Pablo has been looking for one lately.
Use Broadway Title or another Titling company. Don't let this one slip through your hands

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