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Oct 16, 2007
does anybody know how good the S.O.R 40 Series Deluxe Carpet Set is or has had any experience with it? i am looking to get this but i don't want to get it if it is not built good or bad material. your opinion's would be a big help thanks
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I bought their set for an fj 55 many years ago. I got fed up with so many pieces and the edges sorta culled up and after a couple of years I was happy to have my original floor mats back in. There was a lot of dirt and moisture under the carpets. This would be true for any carpet in a cruiser, not just sor's. Gonna run my 45 with no mats or carpet... noisy and hot, but I like my floorboards where I can see them, and the engine/tranny heat keeps them warm and dry....
I haven't dealt with the SOR carpets, I have the Cruiser Solutions carpet set and really like it. $20 less than the SOR and it a really nice setup.

Well built material, covers everything, even the wheel wells. I don't think the SOR one does that.

The only red-ass is having to remove the seats and heaters, bit it's worth it and a quality carpet set.

My $0.02

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