Ryder's run, Montana mountain, Sept 29th.

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Aug 17, 2011
Hi all,
I wanted to tell all of you about a benefit run Copperstate 4 Wheelers is hosting on Saturday September the 29th.
Copperstate 4 Wheelers is hosting a benefit trail ride for a special family, The Hauer's. Les and Denise's son Ryder has had a difficult course, being in and out of Phoenix Children's Hospital for nearly a month. Ryder is 2 years old and suffers from a progressive and degenerative mitochondrial disease. Ryder is having multiple medical issues that include gastro-intestinal problems and efforts are being made for him to be fed through a gastrostomy-jejunostomy tube. Les, Denise, and Ryder have all gone through genetic testing to try to determine the exact name of his disease and are currently awaiting results. Ryder and his parents have been through a lot and could really use our help. Denise and Les are both teachers. Unfortunately, Denise had to leave her teaching position at a local elementary school to care for her children, especially Ryder. I have been allowed to share their story. You can also follow Ryder's story on his blog: : http://rydersjourney2009.blogspot.com/
Copperstate 4 Wheelers is hosting this benefit trail ride to raise money for the Hauer family. The trail ride is being held Saturday September the 29th on the Montana Mountain trail near Superior, Az. The meeting location is the Desert Rat Truck and Offroad center at 4453 S. Rural rd in Tempe, south of the US 60 at 7AM. We will depart for the trail at 9AM. An offroad vehicle is not required however a 2wd vehicle in good running order with medium to high ground clearance is needed. For example, minivans and lower passenger car type vehicles are not recommended. Licensed and street legal side by sides, ATVs, motorcycles, and other offroad vehicles are certainly welcome. Participants should bring lunch. There is a big area on the top of Montana Mountain that is a nice place to stop for lunch. Also bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and a camera. I anticipate the trail ride itself will take 4 hours not including travel time from Desert Rat (approx 45 mins). There are 3 ways to donate to the Hauer family. The first way is through a bank account to be opened at Wells Fargo bank. The second way is through donations the day of the event. Lastly, contributions can be made through purchasing Ryder run stickers, or through a silent auction being held the day of the event from 7AM to 830AM. We have some really great sponsors so far including: Sierra Expeditions, Rigid Industries, Xoskel, The Arizona Diamondbacks, Barlow Jeep Rentals, and Desert rat. We hope this sponsorship list will continue to grow. We could really use your help and hope you can spend the day with us to show your support. To contribute, or if you have any questions, you can contact me through PM or you can email me at chad@copperstate4wheelers.com.
Thank you, Chad, Copperstate 4 Wheelers.
Hi all,

I wanted everybody to know, there is now an account opened at Wells Fargo for Ryder. You can donate directly into his account using his name, Ryder Hauer, c/o Copperstate 4 wheelers.

Thank you,
Chad, Copperstate 4 wheelers.
Hi all,

I have an update on Ryder. He is back in the hospital. This time his condition is a bit worse with seizures. His family is doing well though, trying to keep me updated daily. Without sharing too much because I don't have all the details, he and his family could really use our help on Sept the 29th. They medical bills are quickly adding up. The account at Wells Fargo is now open. You can donate to Ryder by using his name; Ryder Hauer. They have the account set up so anyone in the country can donate.
Here is a picture of Ryder in his Dbacks gear the last time he was in the hospital


Thank you,
Hi all, I thought I would post a few teasers for the silent auction on sept 29th. 1) A signed baseball and picture for the az dbacks starting pitcher Daniel Hudson, 2) A full Nike golf bag set including the clubs and some extras, 3) A waffle breakfast basket including a waffle maker, and 4) Ice cream dessert basket with all the fixins. There is more to come and I will keep everyone updated. Ryders run is going to make The Arizona State Association of 4 Wheeldrive Clubs newsletter, the Traildust. It will be advertised to 16 4x4 clubs across the state.

Ryder finally has an official diagnosis now. He was recently diagnosed with Alpers syndrome. It is a fatal, progressive, degenerative, mitochondrial disease effecting multiple organ sytems in the body. Let's try to show our support on Sat Sept 29th. He and his family really need the help.

Please spread the word of this benefit run.

Thank you all,
I am very saddened to report that Ryder Hauer passed away yesterday Wed 22nd. He was 2 years old. His family would like to celebrate his life on Sat Sept 29th. Please join us on Ryder's run to honor him. Thank you, Chad, Copperstate 4 wheelers.
^^^What they said, my condolences to the family:frown:
One of the hardest things to accept in life is the death of a child.

My deepest condolences to the family.
Hi all, I wanted to postup a few silent auction teasers for Ryders silent auction. First, we have a waffle breakfast basket including a waffle maker. An ice cream dessert basket with all the fixins. A signed baseball from the az diamondbacks starting pitcher Daniel Hudson and photograph from Paul Goldschmidt. And lastly, for now, a certificate for 2 people to be Phoenix firemen for a day including ride alongs and dinner that night. Thank you all. Chad.
Hi all,
Just a reminder, Ryder's run is coming up in the 29th. We are really getting excited to show our support for the Hauer family. Desert rat has been fantastic working with us and needs to be recognized. They have gone above and beyond in helping us and the store will be open early in case anyone needs to pick up a last minute trail item. I will be working on the detailed silent auction list this weekend and will have it posted on Monday. Donations and silent auction bids can be made in cash or check the day of the event, sorry we cannot accept credit cards. If you have silent auction items to donate, please PM me. Our meeting time is 7am, the silent auction will be held from 7am to 830am. We will have a short drivers meeting and acknowledgments after the auction, auction winners can collect their items, then we will start departing for the trail promptly at 9am. Participants will be broken up in 2-3 groups of 75 people. Please make sure to register when you arrive. There will be 2 registration lists, either for the trail hike or the trail ride. We cannot wait to see you on the trail.
Chad, Copperstate 4 wheelers.
Hi all,

I just uploaded the official Ryder run silent auction item list to our webpage at
www.copperstate4wheelers.com It is approx 1/2 down the home page in red text. There are a few items that we do not have in our possession yet, they will be present at the auction on Sept 29th. Please remember, the auction starts at 7am and runs to 830am only. You can pay for those winning bids by cash or check. I have also heard rumors of a raffle as well on Sept 29th hosted by our wonderful friends at Desert Rat.

Thank you all,

I'll be attending this run. Anyone else going from CSC?

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