rut ro - leaking gear fluid

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Jun 1, 2007
Costa Mazing, CA
been driving my 80 lately and came home today to do a coolant flush on the HJ47. Saw fluid on the wheel, initially looked like it leaked from the rim - but its gear fluid coming from the rear axle hub.

is this the famous inner axle seal replacement in my future? I hate taking things apart to investigate and not have the parts ready to fix the problem.

On the plus side the coolant flush is going well!
is this the famous inner axle seal replacement in my future?

Could well be.

Or it could be dog piss or brake fluid.

hahaha, well i'll get the dog back by dumping the old antifreeze on the lawn - teach him!

Naw, I gave the fluid a good sniff, near tasted it to be sure, it's gear oil for sure.
The leaking small inner axle seal has probably turned all your wheelbearing grease into "runny goo" which is probably leaking from the "big hub seal" to soak your brake linings on that wheel (making them ineffective).

round here, the dealer would charge you to top up your tire fluid. lol what colour smell does the oil have..
looks and smells of gear oil, not as pungent as when I pump new gear oil in but similar.

what happens when I pull the outer casing off/plate whatever dohickey hodad thing - this

wheel wont fall apart and send real expensive tiny springs going everywhere right?
your axle shaft can then be removed go for it .nothing should fall off
right on, i'll pull it and take a gander while waiting for the next step in the flush.
rear axle?

I always called it a gremmie or a kook. Anyway - the plate doohickey is your F.F. axle shaft flange. Removable - slides right out. No springs or other nonsense. Wheel won't fall of unless you remove the hub/bearings, etc.

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