Rusty Roof Repair Questions

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May 27, 2018
Hello 70 series guys! im interested in buying a 70 series but the roof has some rust spots and bubbling under the paint.
I was wondering if any of you guys know of a good place in Southern California I could have it done at, and a possible ball park of what the repair would cost.
If i had to replace the roof, would you guys be able to help source one because ive had no luck in my searches thus far.

Now, onto the meat and potatoes of this thread!
There's only one spot where its pretty bad. It's basically at the top of the windshield pillar, and roof line meets. Best way to describe it is its gotten through a decent few layers but hasn't any signs of piercing the inside, yet anyway. It is also possible that it rusted all the way down the pillar on the inside but I'm hoping it has not seeing as how it only bubbled at the top. I'm no rust expert, but my assumptions have me leaning to the "its only rusting where its bubbling" theory, and hopefully it isn't that bad.

Tell me what you guys think can be done.

Rust 2.jpg


ive also included this other sad looking spot, but i think it can just be ground out.
Rust 3.JPG
If it’s like that there I bet is a lot of places along the drip rail and a pillars. If it’s orig paint then you might get lucky and it’s localized if it’s a repaint then I bet the rockers etc have rust. Check the a Pilar seam inside the front door jam for rust bubbles and check rockers. Rust repair adds up fast. Get a welder and practice and you can save a ton on body work. My2c
Cut it out, form new pieces and weld in. Or find replacement parts new/used.

No other way to fix that right. You could bury it but the next time you see it it will be much worse. There is more in that truck as well, 100%.

IMHO its rusting from the inside out so once you start grinding its going to be lot scarier and extensive. No doubt there is rust in places you have not seen. If you dont do your own work you will be paying a lot of money to someone who can. FYI plenty of guys say they can do rust repairs but far fewer can and the good ones will not be able to give you price up front. The fly by nighters may do so but that is intended to "bait the hook" to get you committed. You will then get nickle and dimed if the work even gets done.

A general comment is up north where I live, a rotted out roof is sometimes a sign that the entire rig was underwater at one point of its life, maybe its different in a southern coastal environment? I would definitely be popping interior panels and using a strong flashlight to see what is going on in the body cavities.
I can almost guarantee the entire windshield frame and pillars are toast.

x2 ...and I really hate to say that. If it looks like that in the spots that show, there's surely more rust elsewhere. Rust is like mice--if you see one, you've got more. Usually lots more.

@SNLC is too modest. See here for his rust repair restoration work and you'll have an idea what you're in for:

It's a long thread, with a bunch of info about modifications that might not be like what you'd do, but the rust repair bits are very educational.

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