Rusty gas tank - pull the fuel pump afterwards? (1 Viewer)

Oct 16, 2018
After troubleshooting "carb" issues forever, I realized the culprit was the fuel tank. Full of sludgey, rusty stuff - the consistency of a good Chinese hot chili oil. Anyway, that stuff made it past the fuel filter, through the pump, and up into the carb. I rebuilt the carb again, and got the truck running from a 5-gal fuel canister (direct to the pump) just to check everything was working fine. It seems to be. Idles well, revs up fine. Now, I know I'm going to have to tear the carb down one last time, because some of the gunk was likely in the final hard line and pump, and is now in the carb bowl. I've accepted that fate.

My question is, do I need to take the pump apart too? I want the answer to be "Nah, that thing is pretty robust - would have just pumped the crap up to the carb."

Thanks All.


May 11, 2007
Added a rear gas tank to my Fj40, Hadn’t changed the fuel filter in 8+ years. When I did, there was all sorts of sediment. Hard to blame the carb with the old fuel filter

I bought three fuel filters, and will change the “first” new one after a few long rides. Simple to do and not expensive.

Preventive maintenance going forward 🤪

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