Rusted bolts removal

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Sep 10, 2018
Hey I'm looking for more rust breaking tricks to try. The bolts for my hatch header hinges are rusted into the hatch header. I've used heat, PB Blaster and soaking in a vinegar bath. I can't get the bolts to budge and risk stripping the heads if I apply too much force. Any other thoughts on how to get them out?
Pics? There are freeze-out sprays you can try. They will freeze shrink the bolt to break the rust. Also try 50/50 acetone (your wife's nail polish remover) and ATF mix - supposedly it's better than PB Blaster (let it soak overnight).

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It's pretty difficult to say which juice is the best since we don't really know how stuck the nuts & bolts we encounter actually are.
However I was impressed with "THIS" guys test.
Have you removed the hatch from the hinges? Might be able spray one of these magic formulas on threads past the nuts. I also try tighten the screw/bolt first. This can break the section just past the nut on the inside. I then keep soaking the thread inside and unscrew and then screw the back in. Unscrewing breaks crap off the threads and spraying what ever your using hopefully gets pushed away from the threads. It's a.slow messy process but has worked for me.
Yup, all the above.

Smack the bolt head with a BHF. If it's a small bolt or hard to get to use a brass drift or a punch. If it small screw don't too hard enough it to vibrate. Soak it for a day or two. I have also welded a bigger nut.
Thanks to all for the ideas. I'll give a whirl. It is the bolts that attach the hinge to the header, not the ones that attach the hatch.
Then f***em....those things are like magic wands.

I agree. Until I first used an impact driver on a long term ,stuck screw /bolt, I never knew the genius of the tool. The best use is on Phillip's and flathead screws as the get chewed up by trying other means.
Just in case there's any confusion there are two different tools with the same name.

Impact Drivers.jpg
Yup, I was thinking the same thing but not everyone has the either of those tools.
The candle wax trick works pretty well too. Apply heat to area, but not too much. Cherry red is too hot. Heat just enough to melt a candle. The wax will seep into the thteads and helps them break loose.
If they are Phillips screw heads that are stuck, you need a hand-held hammer-type impact driver. Very cheap and perfect for this job. Anyone who has worked on an old motorcycle case knows why....
I had a fight with these recently. I used a Vessel “Impacta” JIS impact screw driver to get most out. But one was so stubborn I was bending the header hitting it so hard, so I left it.

As stated above, the hand-held hammered impact driver is a go-to for this application. The melted wax theory is interesting.

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