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I need advice on best way to fix rust on the back lip of bed. I have a '63 with the two swing out doors (not ambulance) where the tailgate is. There is some pretty severe rust along that lip where the doors close onto the back. Is there a good solution to patching this? Have considered Bondo. &nbsp:Don't know if I would have to adhere some screen to the back side in order to fill the sizeable gaps in spots. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

i've run into the same problem on my 72. the rust isn't that bad, but i know i'll have trouble later on if i don't fix it. i'm planning on pulling up that whole lip and going to work on the edge of the bed with a side grinder and wire wheel. after that i was planning on welding in either some aluminum flashing (like stuff for a roof) if i could find some stout enough, or just bending up some sheet metal to replace the lip.

i haven't started on this yet, and it may be a while b/c i've run into some other problems, but i'll tell you how it goes.

Hey, that's a hell of an idea. If you check True Value or something of that nature, they have rolls od different thickness and grade aluminum flashing. In fact, I am glad you mentioned that because I have a roll sitting in the shop from another house repair. I think I'll attempt the fix that way and see how it goes. As soon as I get into it, I will let you know. Thanks Again.
hey man,

no problem. good luck.


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